The Collective Science Platform

    Science with collective intelligence and community governance

CoScience features free tools and a proper environment to re-empower scholars into independent, full-fledged scientists: as researchers, as reviewers and as visionaries.
It natively provides three unique services for scholars to openly and collectively shape science while getting proper credit for their individual contributions:

  • an interface specifically designed to debate and discuss scientific communications. A free, automated upload process to create it.
  • the 'self-journal', an individual tool for scholars to communicate their vision of science and build a collective one.
  • the 'Map of Science', an interactive and collectively managed semantic web that brings new ways to explore and watch science.
CoScience services allows to assess the validity and the importance of scientific contributions in a brand new, collective way that tends to the highest possible quality standards as more and more scholars participate.
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Principles of the Self-Journal of Science: bringing ethics and freedom to scientific publishing

VERSION 1 Made public on under Creative Common Attribution 4.0 License Michaël Bon

I present the core principles of the “Self-Journal of Science” (SJS), an open repository as well as a new paradigm of scientific publication. Rooted in Science ethics, a full and consistent solution is proposed to address the many flaws in current systems. SJS implements an optimal peer review, which itself becomes a measurable process, and builds an objective and unfalsifiable evaluation system. In addition, it can operate at very...

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  • Priority: 17
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